1. Flat roof repair with Rubba-Roof - Guaranteed 100% Waterproof
  2. Flat roof repair with Rubba-Roof - Guaranteed 100% Waterproof
  3. Flat roof repair with Rubba-Roof - Guaranteed 100% Waterproof
  4. Flat roof repair with Rubba-Roof - Guaranteed 100% Waterproof
  5. Flat roof repair with Rubba-Roof - Guaranteed 100% Waterproof

Cold-applied liquid rubber roofing for sealing & waterproofing leaking flat roofs.

Flat Roof Repair - Repair a leaking flat roof, felt roofs and low pitched roofs now with
Rubba-Roof 100% waterproof coating.

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professional flat roof waterproofing solution

DIY & Professional Solution

Rubba-Roof is a guaranteed and economical DIY and professional solution for the maintenance and repair of leaking flat roofs that have cracking, splits or other surface deterioration and failures. read more >>
cold-applied liquid rubber roof

Easy To Apply

Rubba-Roof is a cold-applied liquid rubber roof coating developed from complex polyurethanes, that has very high adhesion to mineral felts, plywood, bitumen, concrete, lead, asbestos and cracked acrylic painted roof coverings.
100% waterproof liquid rubber roofing for flat roof repair

100% Waterproof

Rubba-Roof cures to form a rubber-like, 100% waterproof membrane with no joints or seams. The system can be reinforced to give full tanking and detailing around skylights, gulleys, upstands and leaking gutters.
flat roof waterproofing ideal for green roofs

Environmentally Friendly

Rubba-Roof is solvent-free, non carcinogenic & environmentally friendly, making it ideal for use as the waterproofing layer in Green Roof designs.

Rubba-Roof cold-applied liquid rubber roof. Easy to apply, saves time, saves money &
lasts much longer than felt!

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Why Use Liquid Rubber Roof?

Roof maintenance and having to repair leaking flat roofs are among the most common and expensive worries for home owners. The great British weather - particularly the floods and storms of recent years - is one of the biggest culprits. But general wear, tear and material failure affect all roofs over a period of time.

Flat & Shallow Waterproof Roof - Construction & Maintenance

Flat and shallow pitched roofs are renowned for the troubles they can cause. No two problems are identical but Rubba-Roof has an economical, extremely versatile & high performance product, to solve leaking roof problems once & for all.

Traditionally, flat and shallow pitched roofing materials are surfaced layers of felt or bituminous products which simply do not age well. Being highly sensitive to temperature fluctuations, in a very short time the roof surface will deteriorate and the entire covering will begin to blister, crack, disintegrate and ultimately begin to leak.

Traditional resurfacing materials can also present problems during installation, especially in areas where detailing is difficult. Roof protrusions such as surface-mounted fixtures and piping etc. cannot be easily detailed and therefore make it virtually impossible to achieve a 100% watertight seal without the added use of additional sealing products.

Rubba-Roof - the Ultimate Long Term Solution For Leaking Roof Repairs

Rubba-Roof is a solvent free, 100% solids, seamless, single ply, cold-applied liquid membrane coating, which brings you state-of-the-art waterproofing technology.

Rubba-Roof is a liquid applied roofing system that you simply roll-on. Our waterproof roof coating cures by reaction with atmospheric moisture to produce a flexible & elastomeric membrane with good adhesion to almost any roof surface & sub-structure.

Rubba-Roof doesn't contain any carcinogenic tar derivatives and does not need any heating prior to application, meaning minimal hazard during use. Being liquid applied the material allows a completely seamless application over an entire area, even if the structure is complex, undulating or subject to movement.

Rubba-Roof waterproof rubber roof coating is easy to apply and dries to create a tough, rubbery waterproof surface. Rubba-Roof is equally effective for the protection and maintenance of low-pitched and flat roofs and is ideal for use on residential, commercial, industrial & agricultural properties alike.

Say Goodbye to Leaking Flat and Low Pitched Roofs with
Rubba-Roof 100% waterproof coating.

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