About Rubba-Roof

Rubba-Roof seals & waterproofs leaking roofs. Just like rubber from a can!

Rubba-Roof DIY & Professional Solution

diy & professional solutionRubba-Roof is an economical, DIY and professional solution for the maintenance and repair of leaking roofs that have cracking, splits or other surface deterioration and failures.

It is liquid rubber roofing which can be applied directly onto nearly all surfaces (except Polypropylene and Silicone), so there’s no need to remove existing, failed materials. No disposal costs means you save time & money!

Rubba-Roof is Easy To Apply

Rubba-Roof is easy to applyRubba-Roof is a cold-applied liquid rubber roofing material developed from complex polyurethanes, that has very high adhesion to mineral felts, plywood, bitumen, concrete, lead, asbestos and cracked acrylic painted roof coverings. It’s easy to apply using a brush, roller or squeegee.

Rubba-Roof can be applied directly onto existing felt roofing materials so there is no need to remove old materials. In addition, Rubba-Roof has very high adhesion to all roofing materials and is extremely elastic when cured; just like a sheet of rubber or EPDM but with the added convenience and ease of application of a liquid rubber roof coating.

The result is a 100% waterproof, elastic membrane that will seal a leaking roof and can be neatly and effectively combined into vertical surfaces and other detailing, such as parapets, upstands, skylight frames and more.

Rubba-Roof is 100% waterproof

rubba-roof - 100% waterproofRubba-Roof cures to form a rubber-like, 100% waterproof membrane with no joints or seams. The system can be reinforced to give full tanking and detailing around skylights, gulleys, upstands and gutters. The resulting watertight membrane is flexible and withstands roof-timber movement, expansion and contraction within temperatures between -30°C to +120°C and extremely heavy rainfall, snow, hail etc.

Rubba-Roof is a simple and economical way to fix leaks in failed felt roofs, flat roofs, garage roofs, caravan roofs and many more.

Rubba-Roof is Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally FriendlyRubba-Roof is solvent-free, non carcinogenic & environmentally friendly, making it ideal for use as the waterproofing layer in Green Roof designs. Rubba-Roof contains no tars or bitumens and is made in the UK to ISO 9001 protocols.

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