Asbestos Roofs

Information sheet providing important clarification for dealing with asbestos cement roofs and gutters.

The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2006 states:-

Owners and Managers of Commercial or Agricultural Buildings that have asbestos cement (Chrysotile) roofs or gutters are legally obliged to manage the maintenance and monitor the condition of the asbestos materials (see HSE. L127 ISBN9780717662098).

BASIC FACTS about Asbestos Cement Materials (ACMS)

  1. Most ACMs contain between 3%-10% asbestos.
  2. The asbestos fibres are held within a matrix of pressed cement.
  3. If asbestos sheeting is allowed to deteriorate the fibres may become detached and the surroundings become hazardous.
  4. Poorly maintained asbestos sheeting will eventually cease to be weather proof or waterproof
  5. Beyond a certain point of degradation it will be necessary to remove the Asbestos Sheeting – an expensive and inconvenient undertaking resulting in the need for a complete new roof and potential loss of use an income etc.

The Solutions to These Problems:-


Prolong the life of asbestos roofing – Use Rubba-Roof KEW

Use Rubba Roof Approved Biocide
1. Spray on to the ACMs to kill all Moss and Algae.
2. Allow 7-10 days to ensure growth is killed.
3. Remove loose material by use of Class H vacuum (HSE EM4) (These can be hired.)
Use Rubba Roof ACH Primer
1. Spray or roller on the Rubba-Roof ACH Primer.
2. When dry the whole surface will be ENCAPSULATED.
3. Identify any splits, loose bolts, vulnerable areas for fleecing.
Use Rubba Roof Compound
1. Roller or brush onto the dry, encapsulated surface.
2. Use Rubba-Roof Reinforcing Fleece to reinforce ridges, gutters, sprung bolt heads etc.
3. Surface can be easily dried with a hot air paint gun (do not use flame).
Product InformationProduct InformationProduct Information
Rubba Roof Biocide is packed in 5ltr plastic containers for ease of use.
Apply by Low Pressure/Knapsack spray or brush/roller.
Yield approx. 250m² per 5 ltr pack
RR AC PU Primer is packed in
It contains no solvents and is non-hazardous.
Apply by Low Pressure spray or brush/roller.
Yield approx. 4m² per kg
Rubba Roof Compound is packed in 10kg cans for ease of handling.
Rubba Roof is solvent free with zero V.O.C.s
Apply by Brush/Roller.
Yield approx. 0.7m² per kg


20 year guarantee for approved contractors

Rubba-Roof KEW system –
20 Year Guarantee offered for approved contractors.


  1. PERSONAL PROTECTION. All persons involved should wear disposable overalls and gloves. Wear these once only – dispose of as for 2 below. Wear safety respirator masks rated above 20 RPE.
  2. DISPOSAL OF MATERIALS. Waste materials and clothing emanating from work upon ACMs must be double bagged in strong polythene bags that must be securely closed with waterproof tape. Waste materials left on site must be secured in a locked container. All ACM waste must be disposed of at a licensed site (see local council web sites for locations). Apply labels to bags.
    • Use small brush and nozzle heads as attachments to Class H Vacuums in order to avoid knocking the asbestos sheeting.
    • Work at a distance where possible – cherry-picker platforms or tower-rigs can offer safe and practical access for working on ACMs. Use long handled applicators for Rubba-Roof compound when possible.
    • On pitched roofs place Polypropolene wrapped batons to catch any run off when applying Rubba-Roof compound – the captured material may be respread on adjacent areas.
    • NEVER step directly onto Asbestos cement sheeting. Always use crawler or load spreading boards, Youngman boards.

Why bother?

  1. Because, if you manage or own a commercial property with an Asbestos Cement Roof or gutters you are legally obliged to consider the state of the material.
  2. A building with an Asbestos Cement Roof in poor or deteriorating condition may become hazardous to work in and will be harder to let and maintain.

What if I do nothing?

Eventually your Asbestos Cement will be beyond restoration, resurfacing or even re-sheeting. The only option will be complete removal by licensed operators to licensed disposal sites – VERY EXPENSIVE. Also there is the cost of a new roof and loss of occupancy.

What are the options for refurbishment?

  1. SPRAYED COATINGS. These will probably contain solvents so will not be suitable for certain manufacturing/agricultural environments. These need specialist subcontractors and equipment.
  2. OVER SHEETING. Thin (often 0.7mm) steel sheeting is fixed over the existing asbestos cement. This involves mechanical interference with the ACM and can lead to disruptive Health and Safety requirements and further costs.
  3. RESURFACING. This is where the KEW system scores – a new roof coating that is micro flexible and guaranteed. With accurate and facile detailing for ridges and gutters. No mechanical abrasion or drilling so no asbestos fibres released as a consequence. Material cost around just £18.50/m2

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