Liquid Roof Coatings

Rubba-Roof is a cold-applied liquid roof membrane

Rubba-Roof is a cold-applied liquid roof membrane

Over the last thirty years there have been many developments in the range of products available for the surfacing of flat and low pitched roofs. The technology that has been predominant is the advance of Polyurethane chemistry: the result is the potential for a unique marriage of high adhesion with extreme flexibility.

A polyurethane resin formulation contains long chain polymer molecules that link together ‘end to end’; unlike epoxy resins whose molecules will ‘cross link’ with adjacent molecules lying parallel.

So polyurethane resin compounds can be designed so that when put under extension or distortion the linkage means that the matrix will constantly return to its original formation; this is an ‘elastomeric recovery’.

High quality Polyurethane Roof Coatings can often be stretched by 400% when cured and yet still return to their original status.

Rubba-Roof is at the leading edge of Polyurethane Waterproofing technology and exhibits the adhesive and flexible properties that are required for an effective and reliable roofing membrane.

Advantages of Polyurethane Cold Applied Liquid Roof Coatings

The significant advantages offered by liquid roofing membranes can be summed up as follows:-

  1. A seamless finished surface. No joints to fail in the future
  2. A waterproof roof coating that requires no flame in its application. Therefore no issues with buildings insurance
  3. Ease of application by brush, roller or trowel, so suitable for both DIY and Professional use
  4. A simple method for waterproofing and sealing details such as skylights, flashings, gutters etc.
  5. Ancillary products, such as reinforcement scrims and fleece, and special solvent-free primers, offer a full range of solutions for more complex projects
  6. The adhesive and elastomeric properties of Polyurethane liquid membranes allow for the overcoating of just about all construction substrates without the need for removal and disposal of the existing roof surfacing materials.

In addition to the common features of P.U. coatings listed above, Rubba-Roof is non-carcinogenic, free of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and does not contain bitumen or solvents.

Moreover, Rubba-Roof is made in Britain!

Where to use Liquid Roof Coatings

Liquid roofing membranes are most suitable for flat roofs and pitched roofs.

Because P.U. coatings can be formulated to accept non-slip aggregates as a scatter coat, their use can extend to the sealing and finishing of balconies, as well as some boat decks, terraces etc.

The flexible properties of Cold applied, liquid polyurethane roofing sealants make them of particular value for waterproofing caravan roofs, motor-homes and other structures that are prone to mechanical stress and movement.

The Rubba-Roof product range also includes ancillary products, such as non-slip matting overlays, that extend their range of applications; for instance to the provision of walkways to gain access for the maintenance of equipment.

Allied Applications

Green roofs, both intensive and extensive, are becoming a feature of many new building specifications. The design of green roof systems always involves a waterproof membrane that underlies the superstructure made of geotextile or drainage board, rooting media and plantings.

Rubba-Roof compound, when used with the embedded Rubba-Roof Reinforcing Fleece makes an economic and effective waterproof membrane as part of a Green Roof construction.

Warm Roofs

The increasing popularity of warm roof insulation techniques (where the insulating boards or bats are placed on top of the main roof substrates) can be effectively and economically waterproofed using liquid roofing membranes. Whether the insulation materials are rigid, semi-rigid, foil backed or timber faced, a cold applied PU. Coating gives a reliable waterproof seal without the need for any mechanical fixings that may cause future weatherproofing issues.

Rubba-Roof liquid roof membrane is ideal for the waterproofing of warm roof construction. Its flexibility and crack bridging properties, in conjunction with the insulating Rubba-Roof Rubba-Roof Reinforcing Fleece, give a cost effective waterproofing overlay that will extend across the roof.

Rubba-Roof is easy to apply, saves time,
saves money & lasts longer!

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