Applying Fleece

Use Rubba-Roof Reinforcing Fleece to ensure the strength and security of the waterproof membrane at vulnerable points on a roof structure. Also use the fleece to span cracks and joins in existing substrates and to form more rigid upstands and downstands etc. The fleece will help to ensure a fully tanked and 100% waterproof seamless membrane.

Rubba-Roof Reinforcing Fleece is easy to cut to size and shape and it will follow corrugated roof profiles and other complex shapes. The fleece comes in three convenient widths and lengths of 5 metres.

Reinforcing Fleece

  1. Cut the fleece into manageable lengths and shape.
  2. Apply a generous coat of Rubba-Roof Compound onto the area to be covered with the fleece.
  3. Lay the Reinforcing Fleece into the wet Rubba-Roof and press into position. Make sure that no air is trapped. Check that the edges of the fleece are fully flat into the Rubba Roof. (If necessary, protect against wet weather.)
  4. Overcoat with more Rubba-Roof Compound once the fleece is stable under gentle lateral pressure.

Applying fleece to complex profile
Cropped Fleece

Note:- The treated fleece may exhibit a slight dimpled texture when cured. This is normal.

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