Rubba-Roof Primer

Rubba-Roof Primer is a one component, polyurethane primer, containing a “felt-friendly” solvent. It is slow to cure and can be over-coated when tacky (NOT WET) – unlike other primers.

The datasheet entitled Rubba‐Roof Professional – High Solids Membrane Coating should be consulted for information concerning use and surface preparation.  Click the link below to download the datasheet as a pdf.

Rubba-­Roof Primer – High Solids Membrane Coating Technical Specification Sheet

Rubba-Roof Compound

Rubba‐Roof Professional™ is a solvent free, low odour, liquid applied coating which cures by reaction with atmospheric moisture to produce a flexible and elastomeric membrane with good adhesion to a variety of substrates. It is MDI based, and contains no tar or bitumen, and therefore presents minimal hazard in use. Being liquid applied the material allows a completely seamless application over an entire area, even if the structure is complex and undulating, and will accommodate a degree of substrate movement although it is essential that the supporting substrate is sound and stable. For all practical purposes Rubba‐Roof Professional is impervious to moisture, and it is therefore essential to take account of any vapour drive within a structure, its use and circumstances.

Click the link below to download the datasheet as a pdf.

Rubba‐Roof™ Technical Specification Sheet

Reinforcing Fleece

Use Rubba Roof Reinforcing Fleece to ensure a strong and flexible waterproof membrane at vulnerable points. Use the fleece to span cracks and joints in existing substrates and to form more rigid upstands and downstands etc. The fleece will help to ensure a fully tanked and 100% waterproof seamless membrane.

Click the link below to download the datasheet as a pdf.

Using The Reinforcing Fleece