How To Fix Leaking Asphalt Roofs and Asphalt Balcony Surfaces

Where roofs and balconies were expected to take regular foot traffic, for maintenance, access or leisure purposes, asphalt was often used as a waterproofing membrane and wearing course.

Hot asphalt was poured onto the area and raked out level; stone chippings might be incorporated into the asphalt to give grip and some increased resistance to the softening effect of hot sunshine.

As with all tar/bitumen based materials, asphalts shrink and crack across the surface after time and climate takes their toll. So there are now many locations where asphalt surfaces are no longer waterproof or fit for purpose.

The removal of old asphalt can be problematic; the use of flame guns to soften the old material may be forbidden by the conditions of the building’s insurance policies  and the use of mechanical chisels or breakers can generate damaging vibrations in the surrounding fabric of the building.

Rubba-Roof liquid rubber roof products are ideal for fixing leaking asphalt roofs and for waterproofing leaking balconies. Rubba-Roof compound will seal cracks in old asphalt without the need for the removal of the existing surfacing.

Once the roof or balcony has been fully waterproofed with Rubba-Roof compound the cured membrane may be tiled over (use a flexible tile adhesive) or rubber matting may be overlaid; in some circumstances it is advisable to use an interlayer of Rubba-Roof Reinforcing Fleece