How To Fix Leaking Caravan, Motor-Home & Boat Roofs

Rubba-Roof repairs leaking caravan roofsThis article shows how to repair a leaking caravan roof with Rubba-Roof

Caravans, motor-homes and boats share a common structural characteristic:- flexion.

Their roofs tend to be built of thin spars and thin sheet materials due to the need to save weight.

Leaks can develop as a result of flexion in transit but also because of the high thermal movement that may develop within these “thin-skin” roof claddings.

Rubba-Roof repairs leaking narrowboat roofs

Modern caravans and motor homes tend to have roofs made of fibreglass, known as GRP. Older vans may have aluminium roofing or plywood. The wheelhouse coverings on narrow boats, barges and other craft may be of GRP, metal or timber.

The stresses in any of these lightweight constructions may cause seams to spring away from their carrier ribs. Another common site of leaks is along the gutter channels at the edges of the roofs of vans and boats; the flexion through the side panels travels vertically but is then transferred into a horizontal vector causing a reflective stress at the joint.

Check gutter joints, seam rivets and roof-light enclosures on caravan and boat roofs for signs of corrosion and distortion. Check that rivets have not popped or pulled through the skin.

Rubba-Roof compound and Rubba-Roof Reinforcing Fleece will make a fully flexible and 100 % waterproof repair or new roof covering for caravans, motor-homes and boats. If the Rubba-Roof Membrane has to withstand footfall, use the Reinforcing Fleece as an interlayer