How To Fix Leaking EPDM Roof Membranes

EPDM is a synthetic, elastomeric monomer, built from linked constituents: ethylene + propylene + diene.

Within modern consumer society, EPDM is found in many applications such as hoses, gaskets, automobile sealing strips and also as a single ply membrane for waterproofing flat roofs.

Like Butyl, it arrives in pre-cut rolls that are laid out and cut to exact size and shape in situ. It is somewhat lighter than most butyl sheeting but still requires at least 2 people to lay and fix it for even small areas of flat roofs.

EPDM is “stuck” down to the roof substrate and special attention must be paid to the treatment of the seams; loss of adhesion at the seams may allow water to penetrate between the EPDM and the roof substrate.

As with all semi- flexible roofing materials, be they Felt, Butyl or EPDM, the waterproofing of upstands, parapets, flashings and similar details require the material to be very carefully and accurately cut to ensure full bedding and long term performance.

Rubba-Roof compound will stick directly to leaking EPDM roof membrane and offers an economical and practical method of sealing leaks in EPDM or as a total refurbishment of an existing EPDM roof covering. Because Rubba-Roof compound is a cold-applied liquid coating, it is easy to achieve waterproof repairs in even the most complex of situations.