How To Fix A Leaking Felt Roof

Felt Roofing

Felt roofs tend to have a relatively short life span and can fail as a waterproof membrane through a variety of causes.

Tracing Leaks

It can be difficult to trace the exact spot that is the cause of a leak on a felt roof. Rain can seep into cracks or splits that may be only a millimetre or so in width. Sometimes water will pond and sit in pools on a felt roof with the result that, over time, the weight of the water will cause the roof to flex and the supporting timbers and roof sheeting can deform; this in turn causes stress in the roofing felt membrane and it may crack or craze, and so let water into the roof structure or voids.

Patch Repair

Using new roofing felt to “patch” a leaking felt roof is seldom successful over the long term. New Roofing Felts and old, weathered felt have different mechanical properties so that overlaying new felt onto old always results in seams or overlaps which will be vulnerable to uneven expansion and contraction. It is also difficult to guarantee full and satisfactory adhesion along the edges of the patches of new roofing felt.

The Best Option for Fixing Leaks in Felt Roofs

Rubba-Roof is a high performance, liquid polyurethane, waterproof roofing membrane that has been designed for use by both the amateur and professional. It is a simple and economical way to fix leaks in failed felt roofs.

Rubba-Roof can be applied directly onto existing felt roofing materials so there is no need to remove old materials. Rubba-Roof has very high adhesion to roofing felts of all types and is extremely elastic when cured; just like a rubber sheet or EPDM but with the convenience and ease of application of a liquid coating.

The result is a 100% waterproof, elastic membrane that will seal a leaking felt roof and can be neatly and effectively combined into vertical surfaces and other detailing, such as

  • parapets
  • upstands
  • skylight frames

Rubba-Roof is easy to apply, saves time,
saves money & lasts longer!

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