How To Fix Leaking Gutters

Repair leaking gutters with Rubba-RoofAn efficient gutter system is absolutely essential to the general weather resistance of any building.

Leaking gutters, or gutters where the “fall”  is  insufficient or incorrect can be the cause of really quite drastic and expensive consequences.

Joints in gutters are frequently the site of trouble; deterioration of facia-boards, breakage of support brackets and poor maintenance may result in gutter joints becoming unstable and developing leaks. These leaks can stain walls and may encourage long term damp problems developing in the fabric of the building.

Problems with small bore domestic gutters, that are usually made of plastic, cast iron or aluminium often may be resolved by replacement of brackets or short lengths of guttering.

Leaks in gutters on commercial and industrial buildings can be more difficult to remedy. Problems with access and the potential for disruption to other parts of the building, can make the removal and replacement of large bore gutters impractical.

Commercial guttering can be made from concrete, coated steel, fibreglass (GRP) or asbestos-cement.

Rubba-Roof compound will repair leaks in all types of gutter materials making it economical to fix leaking valley gutters, box gutters and even in-built industrial channel gutters. Rubba-Roof compound, combined with the special Rubba-Roof Reinforcing Fleece, will seal joints and reline gutters without the need for removal.