How To Fix Leaking Shed & Garage Roofs

This article demonstrates how to fix leaking shed and garage roofs with Rubba-Roof

Sheds and garages can be the least considered elements of a household. They tend to be used mostly for storage or occasional activity and their maintenance tends to be overlooked.

A stitch in time saves nine

Fix leaking shed and garage roofs with Rubba-Roof

…is an apt saying when it comes to garage roofs and shed roofs . A modest amount of money and time spent on fixing those leaks in ridges or joints may prevent the need for more extensive roofing works at a later date. Moreover, a timely repair can save expensive and distressing water damage to  tools , equipment and personal possessions.

Sheds and garages are often waterproofed with roofing felts, although corrugated metal or asbestos-cement are sometimes found on older structures.

Leaks in shed roofs often start along the ridge line , so check here for cracks or lifted edges on the ridge coping overlay. Another frequent source of leaks in garage roofs is on the joints in the roof material near to the doors ; this is where vibration and flexion can cause seams and overlaps to spring and start to let in water.

Rubba-Roof compound will stop leaks in shed roofs and garage roofs. It is simple to make roofs 100% waterproof using the Rubba-Roof Reinforcing Fleece and Rubba-Roof compound.