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How To Fix A Leaking Metal Roof

This article explains how to fix a leaking metal roof with Rubba-Roof Metal roof sheeting takes two main forms. One is the older style of small profile, corrugated ‘tin’ that has been used for nearly two centuries as an economical roof covering for agricultural buildings and rustic dwellings. The second is the larger pressed profile […]

How To Fix Leaking Asphalt Roofs and Asphalt Balcony Surfaces

Where roofs and balconies were expected to take regular foot traffic, for maintenance, access or leisure purposes, asphalt was often used as a waterproofing membrane and wearing course. Hot asphalt was poured onto the area and raked out level; stone chippings might be incorporated into the asphalt to give grip and some increased resistance to the […]

How To Fix Leaking Shed & Garage Roofs

Rubba-Roof repairs leaking shed roofs

This article demonstrates how to fix leaking shed and garage roofs with Rubba-Roof Sheds and garages can be the least considered elements of a household. They tend to be used mostly for storage or occasional activity and their maintenance tends to be overlooked. …is an apt saying when it comes to garage roofs and shed […]

How To Fix A Leaking Flat Roof

Fix leaking flat roofs with Rubba-Roof

The Typical Cause of a Leaking Flat Roof Why, oh why, do people design and build flat roofs when, for very little extra cost and effort, the roof could have been given a slight ‘fall’ to shed water efficiently and therefore avoid the all to common problem: a leaking flat roof. It is a question […]

How To Fix Leaking Butyl Rubber Roofs

Butyl rubber sheeting is, in fact, not made from rubber but is a synthetic copolymer. As well as being used for roofing membranes, Butyl sheet is used as pond liners. The effective application of butyl for roof membrane needs considerable care and experience. Butyl sheet is heavy to manipulate on site. The edges need to […]

How To Fix Leaking EPDM Roof Membranes

EPDM is a synthetic, elastomeric monomer, built from linked constituents: ethylene + propylene + diene. Within modern consumer society, EPDM is found in many applications such as hoses, gaskets, automobile sealing strips and also as a single ply membrane for waterproofing flat roofs. Like Butyl, it arrives in pre-cut rolls that are laid out and […]

How To Fix Leaking Low Pitched Roofs

Leaking low pitched roofs are less common than on flat roofed buildings. Even a 10 degree incline is usually sufficient to ensure a satisfactory dispersal of incidental rainwater. When leaks do occur, the two most common sources of ingress will be either at the junction of the high point of the roof and any adjoining valley, […]

How To Fix Leaking Gutters

Repair leaking gutters with Rubba-Roof

An efficient gutter system is absolutely essential to the general weather resistance of any building. Leaking gutters, or gutters where the “fall”  is  insufficient or incorrect can be the cause of really quite drastic and expensive consequences. Joints in gutters are frequently the site of trouble; deterioration of facia-boards, breakage of support brackets and poor […]

How To Fix A Leaking Felt Roof

Felt Roofing Felt roofs tend to have a relatively short life span and can fail as a waterproof membrane through a variety of causes. Tracing Leaks It can be difficult to trace the exact spot that is the cause of a leak on a felt roof. Rain can seep into cracks or splits that may […]

How To Fix Leaking Caravan, Motor-Home & Boat Roofs

Rubba-Roof repairs leaking narrowboat roofs

This article shows how to repair a leaking caravan roof with Rubba-Roof Caravans, motor-homes and boats share a common structural characteristic:- flexion. Their roofs tend to be built of thin spars and thin sheet materials due to the need to save weight. Leaks can develop as a result of flexion in transit but also because […]