Liquid Rubber Roof Case Studies

Large Flat Roof

Large flat roof over London residence

Rubba-Roof 100% waterproof coating should give this roof many years of trouble free life.

The contractor used the Rubba-Roof Reinforcing Fleece around vulnerable areas such as the chimney base and skylights.

Waterproofing of large school roof in Wales

Waterproofing of large school roof in WalesInstallation shows partly completed new cohesive membrane closing previously failed surface.

An approved contractor was responsible for the supply and installation of a new Rubba-Roof liquid rubber roof flexible membrane to seal a failed felt roof. Our contractor reported:-

“We use Rubba-Roof on a regular basis for school projects in Wales and have always been more than satisfied with the service received and the finished result.” CBM Ltd Wrexham

The Client reported:-

We find that Rubba-Roof offers us an effective and economical solution for the long term repair of flat roofs within the school estate.” M.H. Wrexham Council

University campus July 2011

University campus July 2011

1800 m2 of metal roofing with leaking overlap joints and edge parapet failures.

Contractors Report:

“We prepared the corrugated metal panels and large channel gutters to accept the application of Rubba-Roof waterproofing membrane. Application was by squeegee and low pile rollers. Rubba-Roof Reinforcing Fleece was used to stabilise the conjunction of the parapet edges with the roof. The flexibility of the Rubba-Roof system allows for accurate watertight detailing around such variously shaped profiles. The work was accomplished within a tight time programme and with minimum disruption to those working within the buildings.” Mr. David Jones of CBM Ltd.

The Client Reported:

“The metal roof was exhibiting leaks at several points and Rubba-Roof coatings with Fleece reinforcement was a cost effective and unobtrusive solution”. S.R. Project Manager.

Refurbishment of 40ft Containers

Refurbishment of 40ft ContainersExtension of serviceable life of some elderly shipping containers by using liquid rubber roof coating. The rusted roofs were wire-brushed and two coats of Rubba-Roof Compound applied with an interlay of Rubba-Roof Reinforcing Fleece. This gives enhanced insulation against extremes of temperature.